These General Terms and Conditions governing the terms and conditions of sale of goods sold and / or produced (hereinafter referred to as Goods) from NR STAMPI Srl (hereinafter referred to NR STAMPI Srl). These General Conditions of Sale regulate and are part of an integral part of all contracts of sale concluded between NR STAMPI Srl and professional customers as defined in the following clause 1 (hereinafter referred to as the Customer), even if the proposed purchase are taken by telephone, verbally, by fax, mail,  e-mail or the Internet to the Goods belonging to the catalog NR STAMPI;
NR STAMPI Srl reserves the right to modify the following conditions of sale. Any such changes will become effective from the moment they are published on the website and will apply to sales made from that moment on;




1.1 NR STAMPI Srl produces and markets molds, food-grade silicon for use in confectionery, ice cream and food preparation, decoration, food consumption,
1.2 With the acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale, the customer ensures that the purchase of commodities NR STAMPI Srl takes place exclusively for professional purposes, more exactly pertaining to his business or profession. Therefore, contracts with NR STAMPI Srl will not be governed by regulations to protect consumers.


2.1 Before the possibility to formulate the offer in accordance with clause 4, is obliged to examine carefully the General Conditions of Sale which, at the time of the formulation of the proposed purchase, it will be read, understand, and accepted in its full integrality.
2.2 The Customer elects domicile at the premises of which the address indicated at the time of the formulation of the proposed purchase.
2.3 The Client shall expressly and for the all duration of the relationship, until full and proper fulfillment of its obligations to NR STAMPI Srl to communicate immediately, by registered mail, any eventual transfer of its headquarters and / or premises which indicated their domicile in that offer, as well as any transfer of its other possible locations, local units, warehouses or shops and offices of their new addresses, or any change of telephone, fax or e-mail addresses.
2.4 In the absence of such notice of change of address, notifications and / or communications made or carried out by NR STAMPI Srl at/to the Customer's domicile as indicated in the offer will remain valid.
2.5 It is strictly forbidden for the customer to communicate false and / or invented and / or fantasy in the offer and any further communications to NR STAMPI Srl.


3.1 With the offer referred to in clause 4 addressed by the customer to NR STAMPI Srl, the customer confirms that he accepts fully and unconditionally these General Conditions of Sale and shall fully abide by in relationships with NR STAMPI Srl itself, stating to have carefully examined and accepted all the provisions contained therein, as well as nothing that NR STAMPI Srl itself will not be bound to different conditions unless previously agreed in writing.


4.1 In order to turn NR STAMPI Srl a proposed order is required the majority age.
4.2 The proposed order submitted by the Customer shall be irrevocable pursuant to art. 1329 of the Civil  Code.
4.3 However, the order can be canceled as long as the customer should send not later and before 10.00 a.m. of the next day following the sending of the same a written request to that effect to NR STAMPI Srl which has the right to eventually accept it. Under no circumstances, we will accept requests for cancellation of orders Goods customized upon special request of the customer.
4.4. In any case, the proposed order is not binding for NR STAMPI Srl.
4.5 Those the customers will formulate are only mere purchase proposals that, as such, are not to be allowed to be consider the already completion of the sale, which will be finalized following the acceptance of conformity by NR STAMPI Srl sent by fax or by e-mail the number or email address providing of the same proposal to purchase.
4.6 However, the commencement of the contract by NR STAMPI Srl, is tantamount to acceptance of the offer made by the customer.
4.7 All purchase proposals aimed to NR STAMPI Srl shall be completed in their entirety and must contain all the elements necessary for the proper identification of the goods ordered. NR STAMPI Srl reserves the right not to accept incomplete or equivocal purchase proposals.
4.8 The minimum quantity for each order cannot be less than an amount of € 25,00 excluding VAT.
4.9 NR STAMPI Srl will have time to accept the purchase proposal until the fifteenth day following receipt of the latter.
4.10 Until the tenth business day following acceptance of the proposal, NR STAMPI Srl will have the right to terminate the contract due to unavailability of the goods or due to force majeure or not attributable to NR STAMPI Srl, informing the customer as soon as possible and returning advance payments already received, without any obligation of reimbursement, indemnification or compensation.
4.11 NR STAMPI Srl shall be in no way and in no case responsible for any infringement of industrial property rights and intellectual anyway connected with the performance of their Goods customizations requested by the Customer and in respect of which must, therefore, be, in any case, held by the customer entirely free from any consequence anyway prejudicial in any way suffered from it.


5.1 The list of prices by NR STAMPI Srl exposed in the premises of the headquarters of the latter and published on the site are expressed in Euro (€) and are per package and net of VAT.
5.2 The prices, including those of any offers, contained in the above mentioned price lists and catalogs are valid while stocks last or until the date of validity indicated by the specific offer.
5.3 However NR STAMPI Srl reserves the right to change these prices, which shall be deemed, therefore, automatically replaced by the new premises contextually exposure in its own headquarters and publicized in the relevant web pages of its own site.
5.4 The transport costs will be charged to the customer.
5.5 Invoices will report the address specified by the customer in the purchase order, which will then be sent by post or by e-mail by previous authorization.


6.1 The Customer undertakes to pay the agreed price and exclusively in euros.
6.2 Unless otherwise agreed in writing the payment of the Goods must be made, cash on delivery or by bank transfer.
6.3 The price shall be deemed still paid at the address of NR STAMPI Srl: the place of payment is still valid even if the forecast of payments by bank drafts, bills, installments, money order, wire transfer or cash on delivery results not executive, or not unsuccessful.
6.4 In any case, the customer may propose exceptions in order to avoid or delay the payments still due against NR STAMPI Srl.
6.5 In any case, any partial or total non-payment of any amount still due to NR STAMPI Srl, entitle it to suspend any subsequent delivery of Goods planned, and will lead to the immediate effect of the interest at the rate determined in accordance with Legislative Decree n. 231 in 2002 and to debit of any resulting expenditure.
6.6 Late payment to NR STAMPI Srl lasted beyond the fifteenth day following the deadline for the fulfillment, the contract will terminate automatically in accordance with art. 1456 cc if NR STAMPI Srl claimed to make use of this termination clause.
6.7 NR STAMPI Srl reserves ownership of the goods under Article. 1523 of the Civil Code, until full payment of the agreed price, as well as any interest and/or still outstanding other sums.


7.1 Unless otherwise agreed, the transport of goods takes place "carriage paid to the place of destination" of Goods from time to time agreed by the parties, namely CPT to the place of destination of goods (Incoterms 2000), with exposure on the invoice and refund transport costs according to the terms granted to NR STAMPI Srl by the carrier from these selected for transport.
7.2 The delivery of goods ordered and the simultaneous transfer of risk, shall be deemed made by the referral thereof to the carrier.
7.3 The time of delivery of goods, even if notified of acceptance, are considered more indicative and can under no circumstances be invoked as a reason for claims of cancellation, penalties, damages or other claims, because this dispense from the effective capacity of the manufacturer to process the orders.
7.4 The customer is obliged to check carefully the goods on delivery.
7.5 Until proven otherwise, the quantity of Goods delivered that will prevail between the parties will be the only one indicated by NR STAMPI Srl in the transport documents.
7.6 Any claim for damage, theft or loss of Goods must be formulated in detail and in writing upon receipt of the same goods by reporting to the officer of delivery and record on DDT.
7.7 Immediately after the customer must inform NR STAMPI Srl via fax to +39 03909903401 or by e-mail at
7.8 In particular, if the number of items does not coincide with the number reported in the DDT, the customer must sign said DDT subject for lack of items, and to detail the number of missing packages and the type of products that they should contain.
7.9 In the event of theft, loss and / or damage to the Goods NR STAMPI Srl has no obligation to compensate, in any way, the customer for the goods stolen in transit, lost and / or damaged by the carrier. NR STAMPI Srl reserves to pay to the customer for every kilogram net of goods stolen, lost or damaged the sum of € 1.00 (one Euro / 00)


8.1 In the event that the referral of the goods by the carrier to the customer is not possible for reasons attributable to it (for example, for unknown recipient address, recipient absent, refusal goods, etc.) The costs of the referral of the goods will be charged to the customer for the opening of the practice of stock € 15,00 (fifteen Euros / 00) without VAT and the cost of return of 50% (fifty percent) of the transport costs. These charges will be billed to the customer with the next invoice.
8.2 The NR STAMPI Srl will inform the customer of the place where the goods have been deposited. After 10 (ten) days from the notice, if goods are not collected by the customer they will be returned to NR STAMPI Srl.


9.1 In order to exercise the guarantee of law there must be presented to NR STAMPI Srl copy of the bill of sale of goods at issue, and the related shipping documents: the complaints will be effective only if made in writing and contain precise and detailed information, to make NR STAMPI Srl able to a timely and exhaustive verification of the goods at issue.
9.2 Every vice, inconsistency or lack of essential qualities or promises of Goods must be reported to NR STAMPI Srl within 8 (eight) days of discovery.
9.3 Defects or deviations or defects in quality or essential promise due to tampering, theft or incorrect transport of use of the goods are excluded from the guarantee.
9.4 Despite NR STAMPI Srl may provide information on the characteristics of the Goods and their best mode of use, the customer remains the only and exclusive responsible of the choice of the goods ordered and the compliance and the compliance of the specifications set by each manufacturer to their needs and particular NR STAMPI Srl is not responsible in any way for any damage, loss or increased costs in connection or inhibit proper use of the Goods or the inability of the purchaser or the failure to comply with the requirements under the sheets or other standards safety and the rules of prudence in the use of the goods themselves. Therefore, NR STAMPI Srl disclaims any responsibility in this regard.
9.5 Any complaint made by the client to the carrier may not be considered valid for the purposes of the guarantee by the Customer.
9.6 It is understood, also, that any form of warranty will not apply if the customer fails to its obligations and in particular those referred to in clauses 2, 4 and 6.
9.7 It is understood that the images accompanying the guide and / or the product description are merely indicative and may not be fully representative and therefore are not binding on the external appearance and packaging of the Goods: as merely examples are subject to differ, for example, to dimensions, colors and so on.


10.1 Only after NR STAMPI Srl will have faxed or e-mail address given at registration authority to return the Goods, the customer can send back these goods to the warehouse of NR STAMPI Srl in Merate (Lecco) - Via Bergamo, 28 / c the following conditions:

  1. the Goods must be accompanied by a copy of the authorization made by NR STAMPI Srl and a DDT  from the customer showing the details of invoices and DDT related NR STAMPI Srl, as well as the right of return;
  2. not later than fifteen (15) days from the date of that return authorization, the Goods will be returned by the customer who will assume all costs and risks for the transport of the same;
  3. In case of supply of goods contained in several containers or packaging, packaging and labels must be intact and in the same conditions of supply;

10.2 In no case the Goods purchased under the promotion can be returned.
10.3 The Goods with due date subject to special promotions from NR STAMPI Srl, cannot be returned because of the proximity of that date if it conforms to the same that is indicated by NR STAMPI Srl on its own web site or in own artwork and/or promotional flyer.
10.4 In the case of special packaging specially requested by the customer, NR STAMPI Srl will not accept returns of goods and their packaging without the prior written agreement between the parties.
10.5 For goods returns authorized, NR STAMPI Srl may replace the Goods or refund the price already paid, resulting in issuance of credit note.


11.1 The customer has received the information in art. 7 of Legal Decree. N. 196 of 30 June 2003 in the provisions of art. 13 of the Decree., expressly authorizes NR STAMPI Srl to treat, even with the aid of electronic or computerized, for purposes of commercial, promotional, marketing and management and execution of this contract, and to communicate and / or spread, for the same purposes for which it was collected, the data supplied by it and included in the database to other companies as well as data relating to this transaction.
11.2 By accepting the General Conditions of Sale means read carefully and fully accepted even the provisions concerning the protection of personal data and the information attached to these general conditions, as well as exhibited in the premises of the headquarters of NR STAMPI Srl and published web pages of the site of the latter.



12.1 The proposals to purchase addressed by the customer to NR STAMPI Srl, the acceptances by the latter and the trades eventually improved, the use of the web pages of the site by the customer, the collection and data processing and recording of customer site, are subject to these General Conditions of Sale in force on the date of the offer, and, as far as these are not disciplined, by current Italian law.
12.2 Any dispute concerning or related to the purchase proposals addressed by the customer to NR STAMPI Srl, to acceptance by the latter and Trading any stipulated, the collection and processing of customer data, is responsible exclusively competent court of LECCO.

12.3 However, a partial exception to the provisions above, NR STAMPI Srl will still have right of appeal to the Court of the place where the customer has the registered office or any operational offices, local units, warehouses, offices or shops.
Signature for confirmation and acceptance of these General Terms and receipt of the information referred to in Article. 7 of Legal Decree. N. 196 of 30 June 2003.

In accordance with Articles 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code, the Customer declares to have read, understood and supported fully the these General Conditions of Sale, as well as the following clauses:

1.1 and 1.2 (identity of the customer as a professional),

2.1 (obligation of the customer that you have carefully read, understood and accepted these General Terms and Conditions at the time of the formulation of the proposed acquisition),

2.2 (election of the domicile of the customer),

2.3 (obligation of immediate notification of a change of domicile of the customer)

2.4 (permanence of the validity of the address indicated in the online registration where notification of change in ways other than those provided),

2.5 (prohibition of the customer to communicate to NR STAMPI Srl false and / or invented and / or fantasy)

 3.1 (effects formulation offer, full knowledge and full acceptance of the General Terms),

4.2 (irrevocable),

4.3. (Non-binding for NR STAMPI Srl of purchase proposals),

4.4, 4.5 and 4.6 (the conclusion of the contract: Acceptance of the offer or concluding fact),

4.7 (obligation of the customer to make suggestions purchase complete in all their side, otherwise the right to NR STAMPI Srl not to accept these proposals buying incomplete or equivocal),

4.8 (minimum quantity for purchase), 4.10 (for unilateral termination by NR STAMPI Srl),

4.11 (limitation the responsibility of NR STAMPI Srl and obligation of indemnification paid by the customer),

5.2 (validity of prices and any offers),

5.3 (right to NR STAMPI Srl to change prices),

6.1 (Client's obligation to pay the price) ,

6.2 (payment methods),

6.3 (permanent validity and place of payment),

6.4 (ineligibility exceptions in order to delay or suspend payments),

6.5 (consequences of delays or suspensions in delays of payments: right NR STAMPI Srl to suspend and / or cancel orders),

6.6 (faculties operating the termination clause in the event of late payment, which lasted more than fifteen days, and consequences),

6.7 (retention of ownership of the Goods),

7.1 transport conditions,

7.2 (moment delivery and passing of risk),

7.3 (terms of delivery Goods),

7.4 (obligation of the customer to check carefully the Goods),

7.5 (exclusive validity, until proven otherwise, the quantity of goods indicated by NR STAMPI Srl)

7.6 (modalities for formulating complaints or complaints at the time of receipt of goods),

7.7 (obligation to give immediate notice to NR STAMPI Srl),

7.8 (Customer's obligations in case of lack of hills),

7.9 (inadmissibility of complaints and denunciations in the event of theft, loss and / or damage to the Goods),

8.1 and 8.2 (assuming the referral of Goods by the carrier to the customer for reasons attributable to the latter: charge the resulting costs to the customer),

9.1 and 9.2 (and term validity for the exercise of warranty),

9.3 and 9.4 (case excluded from the guarantee),

9.5 (assumption of responsibility of the customer relating to purchases of goods and their use and use),

9.6 (denunciation of the carrier is not title for the exercise of warranty by the customer),

9.7 (deprived of his right to bring an action of warranty),

9.8 (but not limited character of the images accompanying the data sheets and / or descriptions of the Goods) ,

10.1 and 10.2 (mode of acceptance of returns, and return mode of returns: free destination and transportation risk borne by the customer),

11.1 and 11.2 (confirmation of the careful reading, understanding and full acceptance of the provisions on protection of personal data),

12.1,12.2 and 12.3 (competent courts and applicable law).